First time I’ve seen this, the BBC Nitro API xml specification has changed, but the corresponding JSON definition has not yet been updated. Update: refetching the API endpoints just after midnight pulled down a modified nitro-schema.xsd which makes sense if the output format of the API has changed, but still not an api.json to match the updated api.xml. Update: a full set of matching API definitions were retrieved on the 28/01/16.

Gone in this update are the inline image elements across several of the feeds, which were deprecated back in July 2014 and replaced by the images mixin, presumably for performance reasons. This means image information is now looked up only if specifically requested.

The formats element within the programmes feed has been removed. Its replacement since March 2015 has been the programme_formats element. This too will reduce message response size.

The versions feed gains a payment-type filter as did the programmes feed last week, the parameters are the same: free, bbcstore and uscansvod.

As the JSON specification has not yet been updated, the JS api file and Swagger (now OpenApi) definitions have not been regenerated.

In other news the iBL (iPlayer Business Layer) JSON schema has been updated from version 323 to version 334.


27 January 2016