This update’s most important change is a new value for the Programmes/availability_type filter (fProgrammesAvailabiltyType).

The new value is webcast, in addition to the previous option: ondemand

In the JSON API spec, a few rogue XML namespace prefixes (n:) have been removed.

The Nitro XSD schema also has a new element, deployment_root in the availabilty_debug element. I must admit I hadn’t noticed this in the schema before, and I’m not exactly sure how to turn on debugging information in the availabilities feed or Nitro generally. Any feedback gratefully received. ;)

In iBL land, where BBCpuns abound, ibl-nibl powered by edibl has been updated several times, the current version is v1.00 r348.

         "deprecations": {
           "deprecated": [
-              "name": "n:version_types",
+              "name": "version_types",
               "type": "element",
               "deprecated_since": "2015-05-05",
-              "replaced_by": "n:types",
+              "replaced_by": "types",
               "replacement_type": "element"


26 February 2016