While creating a small utility to map BBC Nitro masterbrand id’s (MIDs) to BBC Twitter accounts, I noticed the title of the BBC Radio Lancashire masterbrand didn’t look quite right…

          "item_type": "master_brand",
          "mid": "bbc_radio_lancashire",
          "partner": "s0000001",
          "name": "BBC Radio Lancashire",
          "title": "BBC Radio Kent",
          "synopses": {
            "short": "BBC Radio Lancashire",
            "medium": "BBC Radio Lancashire",
            "long": "BBC Radio Lancashire"

I reported this late on Saturday the 11/06/16 and by the following Monday evening it had already been corrected.

It does seem to be BBC policy not to respond directly to unofficial emails of this kind (the same thing happened when I reported the iBL schema issues) but I can’t fault the speed with which issues are resolved.


13 June 2016