Just added to the Open Nitro SDK is a new (?) undocumented feed: programme_details.

This feed is a simple way of obtaining details from the programmes feed for a particular pid without having to specify a number of mixins. It may be present for cacheability reasons, i.e. to improve performance on a very common use-case, or it may be present as a direct replacement for the /programmes API, e.g. bbc.co.uk/programmes/{pid}.json for when that service is finally turned off.

Information for ancestor_titles, available_versions (including the new territory attribute), available_webcasts, available_simulcasts and genre_groupings is returned as per the existing mixins on the programmes feed. When called with a brand or series PID, only the top level information is returned, not a list of episodes / playlist.

It only accepts the common page and page_size filters, as well as partner_pid.

Speaking of partner_pid, a new partner pid s0000024 for internal BBC programmes / clips was recently added. s0000025 is now being used for ITV programmes broadcast on the BBC-Extra SVOD service in the US / Canada (payment_type = uscansvod). Update: BBC-Extra appears to have been rebranded as BritBox.

Being undocumented, this information is subject to change without notice.


12 December 2016